Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What area will the Mole Chaser cover?

A. Most of the time the Mole Chaser will cover an area of 4000 sq ft (Approx. 75 ft dia). If the soil is sandy, the coverage will be reduced.

Q. What creates the noise to chase the Moles?

A. There is a metal ball in the tube assembly. The ball will role around in the tube when the wind shifts. The fan blades are slightly out of balance which also makes the ball vibrate in the tube.

Q. Can you hear the vibration?

A. No, you can not hear the vibration. The noise created by the ball in the tube assembly can be heard by the moles. This noise is transferred down the metal pipe which the Mole Chaser sits on.

Q. How long of pipe do I need?

A. The pipe is not included with the Mole Chaser. You will need to purchase 8 feet of 1/2" dia galvanized water pipe at your local hardware store. Since most hardware stores carry this pipe in lengths of 10 feet, a 10 foot piece of pipe is okay.

Q. How deep should the galvanized pipe be in ground?

A. The pipe should be pounded approximately 2 feet in the ground.

Q. Do I need to grease the bearing?

A. Periodically greasing the bearing will increase the life of the bearing. You can use penetrating oil or bearing grease wiped on the surface of the bearing.

Q. How long before I see results?

A. It will take approximately 3 weeks before you will see results. During the three weeks you could see more activity since the moles are trying to find a more tranquil place.

Q. Can I move the Mole Chaser to other locations?

A. Yes, if you are satisfied the moles have left the current area. We suggest the Mole Chaser be in place at least 3 months before moving to another location.